What is the Ludo-Outaouais bazaar?

It's a place where you can put your own games for sale, as well as purchase games being sold by others. Our team will handle all the sales, and hand the proceeds back to the sellers once the bazaar has ended.

How do I sell my games?

For every game being put on sale, you need to fill out a copy of our form, and stick those two together.

The form acts as a sales tag, and must be filled as accurately as possible.

On Friday evening and/or Saturday morning, bring your games to the bazaar's counter, and they'll be put on consignment after a quick check.

Are there fees?

Yes. Ludo-Outaouais charges service fees of one dollar per game sold.

Once the bazaar has ended on Saturday evening, come back to see us. We will give you the money you made (minus our fees) along with your unsold games.

What about buying all those nice games?

Saturday, shortly before lunch, we'll open the bazaar doors. We'll only let a few people go in at a time, to avoid crowding.

There is a maximum of 5 purchases allowed per buyer, per visit to the bazaar room. Should you want to make more purchases, you'll have to go back in line.

Games are paid in cash only, and are sold without any warranty. You are responsible for your purchases - buyer beware.

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