Game library & new arrivals

As always, attendees will have access to a library of over 500 different games, including many games published this year. You'll be able to try them and find out which ones you prefer.

This year we have the pleasure to receive a guest of honor, Michael Schacht, who designed famous games like Zooloretto, which itself is celebrating is 10th year anniversary in 2017!


In addition to tournament rewards, many prizes will be drawn among Saturday attendees who have pre-registered for the event.

Family Room

This year, our Family Room will be open Sunday. Details can be found here.


Once again this year, you'll be able to prove your worth by competing in three back-to-back games of different styles. Rules will be explained beforehand.

Multiple tournaments!

On top of the three online tournaments, you will be able to join other tournaments of 7 Wonders, Pandemic Survival and Captain Sonar

The giant Pandemic is back!

In all likelihood, you've already tried "Pandemic", a game of undisputable popularity... But you've never played it like this! A giant board where players are their own meeple. Will you take up the challenge, and save humankind?

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