It's over!
The 2018 edition happened from November 23 to 25. You can check out the pages describing that event, and then come back in a few weeks to learn more about our 2019 gathering.

There's no bazaar this year!? How come?

Let me start by saying we're doing this with a heavy heart. Ever since the very first Ludo-Outaouais, we came up with the novel idea of replacing the "table with games for sale" typically used by similar events, with a valet service where all the annoying stuff would be handled by us.

That idea turned into a huge success. Nowadays, every open-gaming gathering in Québec have a bazaar of their own. As years went by, though, the amount of process required by the bazaar has grown exponentially: code of conduct, registration, game storage, dealing with buyers, bookkeeping, handling unsold games...

So after thinking things through, we're reached the conclusions that bazaars, as an add-on to another event, have become too big for their own good. In addition to taking floorspace that could be put to other use, the bazaar can eat up to half of our volunteer resources at some point. Even if we took a couple bucks per transaction, it still isn't worth it. We therefore want to try something else this time.

So what are we supposed to do?

To help our game-selling attendees (especially out-of-towners who can't buy/sell those games all the time), we created a Facebook marketplace group, especially for the event.

It's a private group meant specifically for our attendees willing to bring games people on Facebook have shown interest in, to conclude the transaction during the event.

We'll also assign a clear time/place where everyone could gather at once to wrap things up, on Saturday morning.

Must we absolutely hold the transaction during Ludo? What if I only visit on Friday night? Am I allowed to make a counter-offer?

Ludo-Outaouais won't intervene in the transactions themselves. As long as both parties are in agreement, you can close a deal anywhere or when you deem fit. We're setting this up to make things easier for our attendees, but don't care beyond that.

Likewise, if you can't make it on Saturday morning, you just need to confirm with you buyer/seller that another time can work for them.

What do I do if I don't have a Facebook account?

You'll have to find someone who does, unfortunately.

If that person isn't registered to attend, you can contact us to let us know (since that person will need to be approved to join the group).

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