It's over!
Our most recent edition happened from October 28 to 30, 2022. You can still visit our pages to learn more about the event.

Game library & new arrivals

As always, attendees will have access to a library of over 500 different games, including many new releases. You'll be able to try them and find out which ones you like.


Many prizes will be drawn among Saturday attendees who have pre-registered for the event.

In addition, we'll have a whole section of Play-to-Win games, of which every game session will give you a chance of winning that same game!

Family Room

Our Family Room will be open Sunday. Details can be found here.


A classic of the weekend. You'll be able to prove your worth by competing in three back-to-back games of different styles. Rules will be explained beforehand.

The Masters' Challenge

This game (designed speficially for Ludo) is a mix between Magic : The Gathering and a negotiation game. Players who already know this classic might be slightly advantaged at first, but the game is fully asymmetrical and any sealed deal can turn a bad situation around.

Les Loups de Nouvelle-France (French only)

Once again this year, people will be able to try this locally-flavored "Werewolf" variant.

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