It's over!
The 2019 edition happened from November 8 to 11. You can check out the pages describing that event, and then come back in a few weeks to learn more about our 2019 gathering.

Our Family Section will be open Sunday from 9AM to 5PM.

A room will be specifically dedicated to younger players, making it a prime gaming environment for the whole family. A game library will be set up by À l'Échelle du Monde, with the latter also hosting games and setting up a mini-storefront.

Registration will be at the door, and will cost $5 for each adult. Kids play for free!

Family Section entry does not grant access to the main library, nor to the other game rooms.

Regular attendees can come in the Family Section to play family games, but games from the Family Section won't be allowed in the main room.

Children under 14 will have to remain under constant adult supervision.

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