InterLudo 2019

A short interlude... right smack between two Ludo's!

Ludo-Outaouais 2019 is still many months away. How then, could we possibly sate our ravenous appetite for board games?

We're inviting you to join us for a single - yet intense - day of non-stop gaming.

Saturday June 1st 2019
From 9AM to 1AM
In Spiria's basement (the same location of our weekly meetups)
How much?
50 players max - but this should remain a smaller event so we're not particularly worried about capac...
No, you French-speaking goof! I didn't say "how many", I said "how much"?
Oops! The event is free, but it's only for Ludo-Outaouais members, which means you'll need to become one if you aren't already.
Newly registered members will be able to retrieve their membership cards at the Multizone store as early as the following Wednesday.
What will be there?
About roughly 150 games from our own game library will be available for you. Of course, you can also bring your own games.
Beyond that, no fluff: no game-lending system, no bazaar, no tournament. No pre-scheduled meals either. A handful of participation prizes. We sit & we play!
For additional details on the event...
...please see our Facebook event page.