It's over!
Our most recent edition happened from October 28 to 30, 2022. You can still visit our pages to learn more about the event.

What are "Play-to-Win" games? It's quite simple. A whole section of our game library will be clearly marked as being Play-to-Win. Check out one of these games, and once you're done playing it, every player (and the person who explained the game, if there was one) will receive a ticket bound specifically to the game they played. The more you play, the better your chances of winning.

On Sunday noon, we will randomly draw a winning ticket stub for every game being offered, and the person with the matching ticket will receive the very copy of the game they tried!

  • Ludo-Outaouais' admins reserve the right to assess that a game has actually been played.
  • To claim a prize, the ticket matching the stub will have to be handed at draw time, within the hour.
  • If you're unable to be present during the draw, it'll be your responsibility to find a trustworthy attendee who shall claim a prize in your place.
  • If nobody claims a drawn ticket within the following hour, the ticket stub will be voided, and another drawn.
  • A given person cannot claim more than two games. He/she would be allowed to give back a previous prize in order to claim a new one, however. A new stub will be drawn for the returned prize.
  • Every prize claimant will have his/her picture taken, as requested by our sponsors.

This year's games:

Our sincere thanks go to the game publishers and distributors who are donating copies of their games for the 2022 Play-to-Win library.

Title Publisher # of Players Play time
Big Easy Busking 1-5 45-60 min
Bohnanza 2-7 45 min
CABO Deluxe 2-4 45 min
Coralia 2-4 30 min
Coup 2-6 15 min
Cover Your Kingdom 2-8 25-40 min
Crossed Words 3-6 30 min
Dreams of Tomorrow 1-6 45 min
Echidna Shuffle 2-6 10 min
Finger Guns at High Noon 3-8 20 min
Hero Realms 2-4 20-30 min
Kill the Unicorns 3-6 25-45 min
Meeple Party 1-5 30-45 min
Mystic Paths 2-6 45-60 min
Out Of This World 3-5 45-60 min
Pass the Pot 2-5 20-40 min
Reign of Dragoness 2-8 20-40 min
Saboteur 2 15 min
Silk 2-4 45 min
Silver Bullet 2-4 30-60 min
Skull King 2-8 30 min
Spicy Dice 1-4 30 min
Star Realms 2 20 min
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea 2-5 20 min
The Deadlies 3-5 30 min
Truck Off Roll & Write 1-99 25-35 min
Ubongo 3D 2-4 30 min

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