It's over!
Our most recent edition happened from October 28 to 30, 2022. You can still visit our pages to learn more about the event.

Ludo-Outaouais 2022

The Ludo-Outaouais Board Game Convention: what is this about?

Ludo is a large gathering for board game enthusiasts. The goal of the event is to give participants opportunities to meet other gamers, share favorite games, discover new releases, take part in special activities, and have tons of fun. Ludo-Outaouais is one of the biggest gamer conventions in the province of Quebec, drawing attendees from various regions.

The convention proceeds as following: passionate volunteers charitably lend some of their games during the length of the convention. All these games are added to the games belonging to the Ludo-Outaouais association, creating a huge library of hundreds of games. An attendee can borrow any of these games at any moment throughout the convention. Being surrounded by over 200 fellow gamers, it is easy to find others to play with, and not too hard to find someone who already knows the rules. In few minutes you will be ready to start playing with other game enthusiasts. This concept is called "open gaming".

To ensure a smooth game-lending system, it is very important to respect the borrowed games and their generous owners. At the time of the borrowing, respecting games means using the computerized borrowing system which identifies the borrower through his/her badge, remembering the shelf from where the game was taken, and borrowing one game at a time. Furthermore, it is important to be careful not to damage the games with food or drinks, and by making sure all pieces are in the box before putting the game back. By doing this, you will be doing your part in making this convention a fun experience for all.

At its heart, this weekend is about as much gaming as you can handle! Although the weekend focuses primarly on open gaming, there are other activities such as the famous Triathlon, a few game tournaments and demos.

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